september, 2011

Ladies of the Fold! And cloth, if that cloth is silver-lined and wrapped around your tiddly-fingers. And lets you use touch screen-devices, yo.

Fortunate enough to be officed up right beside this powerhouse. We work with them on all manner of things, mostly puzzles and chocolate bars.

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Bear Cam Media

december, 2011

Poof! Love it when people come to us with their own ideas, like baggage, as long as we can unpack it, look at your toothbrush, wonder at your conditioner.

Cameron is tracking top climbers and Colorado living by way of those things strapped around his neck (notably cameras and muscle).

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Billy's Camera

september, 2011

Billy. Hailab. The boy who helped started a movement. You have a camera? Send it to a child.

They love taking a photo or 84. Especially when the photos can be turned into help. Check it out, and donate if ya can.

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October, 2011

Take some righteous pancake ingredients, add some water to a little line marked on the side of the jar. Take it anywhere.

We think that's a beautiful thing. We eat them all the time now. Maybe every third day actually. Gotta get some cereal in there too.

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Café Aion

October, 2011

Tapa-lotta crazy. Spanish / North African inspired delicionado's, up at the Café high on the Hill. Serve a mean local beer too.

The mistake was ours, trying to use a dremmel for the entirety of this craft. Turns out there's such a thing as a 'laser'. Now we know.

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Callies Backyard Foundation

september, 2011

Jackie! Our first payment ever, in the form of Nick and Willy's pizza giftBucks and a delicious cup of joe.

Also happens to be helping teens working through substance abuse in big ways. We gave her some fences to try around the yard.


The Goonies (Band)

december, 2011

Can only speak to the times we've seen them. In the 80's. On their front lawn, dogs a' leapin.

They were having a shindigh, they wanted folks to come. We wanted to come. A + B + Poster.

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Gray and Gold

november, 2011

Kyla Gray Ostler. Name should be ringing bells. Reigning Queen of the Nose Ring Thing And Bling and Ting Trinket Kingdom.

She hardly needed us. Dropped off what she wanted, plus a smile, came back, voila. Watch for her gear.

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Jessica Saba Consulting

september, 2011

Dark-headed young miss with an extraordinary knack for figuring out how it needs to be done and who to let know it's getting done.

We thanked her for her friendship of years and made her a pert owl, but left off the glasses and the Archimedes.

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Karl Lawrence Vineyards

december, 2011

Tables and grids and gadzooks gone by. Have yet to sample a bottle of the finest (designer mistake?). So it goes. To California!

We trimmed up their site's contractuals, a few pictures here, red banner there. The goodness.

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The Polish Ambassador

December, 2011

One piece ski suit, 2 hands, 4-6 robots and an amply filled bucket of house music. This guy. Beats the competition. And is now stompin' around with a new chain.

Made from a couple brains and and some colors eyedropper'd from 1989, a first-time jewelry design. For a man of the future.

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TwoCox Development

october, 2011

This gentleman is one part bravado to each three parts practicality. He crushes web work in short time, and is shifting ever deeper into the coding world.

We took a couple of pictures of some nifty iron work above his garage, transformed those into a pretty nick logo and a portfolio page.

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